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Areca vestiaria


Areca vestiaria

Common Name: Orange Crown Shaft Palm

Origin: Indonesia

Height: Up to 20’

Light: Filtered

Water: Keep moist

Bloom: Small, yellow, in clusters

Comments: Areca vestiaria grows naturally in low mountainous terrain up to an elevation of 3600 feet in the rain forests of eastern Indonesia. Clumping individuals will attain widths up to 15 feet and heights of 20-25 feet. This palm will often times exhibit distinct aerial or stilt roots emerging from the 3-4in/7-10cm. diameter trunks. These palms are monoeceious with small yellow/orange flowers emerging from beneath the crown shaft that bear orange to dark red ovoid fruit. They prefer a sheltered, consistently moist and humid location, with more shade in less humid environments. A rich well-draining soil would appear to be the best.