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What’s New?!

Excelsa Gardens Cordylines

Huge assortment of Cordylines in our shipping house.

They are getting ready to ship out, to one of our customers in Georgia.

When Color is what you want, Cordylines are the way to go!


‘Singapore Twist’ Cordyline fruticosa

Exotic specimen hand collected from Singapore by Excelsa Gardens!

Unique fan shape, with a mosaic of burgundy, reds, and greens.

We have them available in 7g and 15g

Photo Feb 22, 10 32 24 AM

2016 Best of Show Booth Award Winners

We here at Excelsa Gardens, want to shed some light on the over-all MORALE of The Landscape Show this year.  We sensed the positivity and excitement with every visitor! It’s great to be a part of the ‘Green Industry’ family. We value reconnecting with our AWESOME customers and creating new connections with first-time visitors! Thank you.


Heliconias are in Full Bloom!

We have a great selection of Heliconias that will add

instant tropical color to your yard.

So come out and pick the perfect one

for your garden.


Our Jade Vine is Blooming!!!

Come out and see our

Strongylodon macrobotrys ‘Green Jade Vine’

Extremely unique flower hangs vertical from this vine.

Its a site to see! We are open Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm and Sat 8am-12pm

Photo Feb 22, 10 33 26 AM

Philadelphia Flower Show 2017

 Featuring select plants from Excelsa Gardens!

The 2017 entrance will include 30,000 tulips and hundreds of fritillaria, narcisuss, anemones and other flowers.Another 6,000 fresh and dried flowers will hang from a giant floral canopy above the garden that will illuminate as a light show!

philly showPhoto Feb 22, 11 40 05 AM

It’s almost Valentines Day!!

Stop by and pick up some of our beautiful Anthuriums!

They come in all different colors, perfect for your sweetheart!