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What’s New?!

Excelsa Gardens is open for business!

Excelsa Loves Florida

Hello, from South Florida!
We hope that our fellow Floridians are safe after Hurricane Irma.
The Excelsa Gardens Team is safe. We are thankful to share that we fared the hurricane with only minimal damage.
We are open for business as usual.  We hope these hurricanes are few and far between, as they have been in the past, so
that we can keep you supplied with our beautiful Tropicals.
Thanks so much.
Mark, Susan, Colin, Meagan, Victoria, Alana, and Casee

Big Beautiful Alpinia purpurata!

Come see our super full and blooming Gingers

available in 4 different colors!

3g, 7g, and 15g sizes Available!



‘Singapore Twist’ Cordyline fruticosa

Exotic specimen hand collected from Singapore by Excelsa Gardens!

Unique fan shape, with a mosaic of burgundy, reds, and greens.

We have them available in 7g and 15g

Photo Feb 22, 10 32 24 AM

Heliconias are in Full Bloom!

We have a great selection of Heliconias that will add

instant tropical color to your yard.

So come out and pick the perfect one

for your garden.


Not your average Cordylines

Cordylines for days.

Come pick out some beautiful fall colored Cordylines

before your thanksgiving get together.

We have a huge selection of colors and sizes.


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We are now open on Saturday’s from 8am-12pm

Vriecantarea ‘Julietta’


Vriecantarea ‘Julietta’ is a full sun loving bromeliad that can grow up to 3′ wide x 3′ tall. With its intense frosted plum and green coloring, it will blend in perfect with your pumpkins and scarecrows! We have them available in 3gal pots.