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What’s New?!

Spring has Sprung!

Come in and see some of our beautiful blooming

plants this Spring season.

Photo Feb 27, 10 16 46 AM

Butterfly Plants at Excelsa!

Since many natural butterfly habitats have been lost to human activities, a butterfly garden is an easy way to see more and help them thrive! We have 3gal sizes available. Call or stop by and talk to a sales representative to start your garden today!



‘Singapore Twist’ Cordyline fruticosa

Exotic specimen hand collected from Singapore by Excelsa Gardens!

Unique fan shape, with a mosaic of burgundy, reds, and greens.

We have them available in 7g and 15g

Photo Feb 22, 10 32 24 AM

Heliconias are in Full Bloom!

We have a great selection of Heliconias that will add

instant tropical color to your yard.

So come out and pick the perfect one

for your garden.


Come see us in Orlando!

We will be closed this Saturday 10/11/2018.

You can come visit us at The Landscape Show in Orlando, Booth #1415

Photo Oct 05, 10 47 19 AM

Licuala Palms

Licuala grandis and Licuala elegans. These beautiful shade loving palms are great for indoors. Slow growing with a fun fan shaped leaf. Come get them before they’re gone!


Ficus lyrata

Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig is now available at Excelsa! We have 7, and 15 gal available.