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Featured Plant

Heliconias are in bloom for Fall!!

We have a great selection of Heliconias that will add

instant tropical color to your yard.

So come out and pick the perfect one

for your garden.


“Alpinia Purpurata” Gingers

Our gingers are full and beautiful just in time for the Fall!

We have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Come in and get yours today!


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Cordyline fruticosa ‘Pink Diamond’

The Pink Diamond is one of the most gorgeous Cordylines, featuring
green and cream colored variegated leaves and a bright pink stem. It is a
STUNNING addition to any garden, in a container or in the ground!


Grows up to 8’. Leaves tend to stay full to the base.

Partial sun.
Keep watered until well established.

We grow in 3g, 7g, and 15g.

Come pick yours up today!



Thanksgiving Schedule

Tuesday November 24th8-4:30PM

Wednesday November 25th8-4:30PM

Thursday November 26th – Office Closed

Friday November 27th – Office Closed

Saturday November 28th- 8-12PM

Bromeliad Christmas Tree

Excelsa Gardens is getting ready for Christmas

Come see or beautiful Christmas tree made with Bromeliads, it is sure to impress! Also, while your here, stop by our Bromeliad section to see our vast selection of beautiful, colorful bromeliads


2015 Landscape Show Orlando

Visit the 2015 FNGLA Landscape show

in Orlando and make sure to stop by our booth


Can’t wait to see you there.


TPIE 2015 booth

Our 2014 Special Recognition Wedding Booth


 Our 2013 Best of Show Home Office Booth