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Cananga odorata fruticosa


Cananga odorata fruticosa

Common Name: Dwarf Ylang-Ylang

Origin: Mexico to Argentina

Height: 6-8’

Light: Partial to full sun

Water: Keep moist, drier in the winter

Bloom: Yellow, fragrant, used to make Chanel #5 perfume, off and on all year

Comments: This is a dwarf form of the very popular Ylang-Ylang tree. This one is a shrub that only grows to 6′- 8′ tall. It blooms year round and the flowers are very fragrant! It can also bloom
at a young age. The Ylang-Ylang is a tropical plant, but can take down to the mid 30’s for short periods of time. It grows well in pots and can be brought inside during the winter time if it receives bright
light. It is perfect for small gardens or pots.