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Camptosema grandiflora
‘Dwarf Red Jade Vine’



Camptosema grandiflora

Common Name: Dwarf Red Jade Vine

Origin: Brazil

Height: Vining

Light: Partial to full sun

Water: Moderate, drought tolerant

Bloom: Amazing red blooms late fall to early spring

Comments: Dwarf Red Jade Vine is closely related to the regular Red Jade Vine Mucuna benettii. This spectacular vine is a tougher, hardier plant compared to the regular Red Jade Vine, being able to take the light frost. This gorgeous, rare and unusual vine produces long pendulous chains of fiery orange-red flowers that bloom from late fall to early spring starting in the second year after planted. The flowers are long and heavy and will show best planted on an arbor where they are able to hang down and look beautiful!