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Musa acuminata
‘Gros Michel’

Botanical Name: Musa acuminata (AAA Group) ‘Gros Michel’

Common Name:

Gros Michel Banana, Big Mike Banana

Origin: Asia

Height: Up to 15’

Light: Full sun

Water: Keep moist

Bloom: Blooms 10-12 months from planting, once formed the fruits take 2-6 months before ready to harvest.

Comments: Gros Michel was one of the first edible cultivar of bananas and was very popular in the trade until the 1950s when the plantations were ravaged by Panama disease. The fruit has thick skin which prevents busing and forms in dense bunches which made it very popular for food production. The fruit is also high in isoamyl acetate which is the compound used for “banana” food flavoring and which was based off of the Gros Michel banana.